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About BHCS

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BHCS Warehouse


BHCS Warehouse


BHCS Warehouse


BHCS Warehouse

Brake Hose & Component Supplies (Pty) Ltd. has been supplying brake hoses and brake accessories to the automotive aftermarket for many years, and we are committed to offering quality niche brake parts to our customers.

Founded in 1990 as a retail outlet supplying automotive hoses to local garages around Pretoria, the company has grown into a focused manufacturer and supplier to the South African automotive market nationally, and has grown into supplying customers throughout  Africa.

We have partnered with brake industry leaders - CEF in Italy for brake hoses and Quick Brake in Denmark for brake clips, springs and accessories. These relationships have run for over 15 years and have allowed our company to grow and, more importantly, for our customers to offer these successful niche products to their automotive customers.

In 1995 we introduced our first brake hose crimper. This innovative idea meant that automotive trade suppliers could easily manufacture an “Original Quality” brake hose for their own customers.  This program has developed into a well-structured package, allowing automotive companies to easily assemble brake hoses & brake pipes in a very cost-effective manner.

During 1997 we were introduced to Quick Brake in Denmark. A journey began to supply brake kits to our local market. This Danish company is a world leader in supplying brake accessories including:

We see BHCS as a leader in supplying a comprehensive range of brake hose and brake accessories to the customers and regions we service. We focus on having good inventory available in our warehouse for fast shipping, enabling our customers to become vital suppliers to the automotive trade in their own areas.



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