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Introducing CEF Brake Hoses

Brake Hoses & Brake Pipes

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Make Brake and Clutch Hoses while your customer waits!

Our brake hose manufacturing system allows you to make “Original Quality”  brake hoses. It is a complete and easy-to-use system that we have developed over the past 17 years. We specialize in supplying brake hoses and pipes, making your business an expert manufacturer with no hassle and very little investment.

Once you have manufactured a hose using this system it will conform to all international specifications including ISO 3996 (SABS 3996) and FMVSS106 (USA). It is cost-effective to start up, very easy to use and requires minimal training, allowing this brake & clutch hose service to become part of your business immediately.

Making an OE CEF brake hose is fast, and allows you to become a one-stop shop for the motor trade in your area. You will be able to supply cars, motorcycles, light duty trucks, quads and forklifts – in fact any vehicle running hydraulic brakes.

CEF brake hoses are supplied as “Original Equipment” on many applications, made in Italy in a world-leading manufacturing facility. You can feel comfortable that the hoses you supply are safe.

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