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 Quick Disc Pad Clips

Brake Fitment Accessories




Our company carries a complete range of brake pad fitment kits in stock. This pad fitment kit consists of the clips / springs / formed plates that tension and hold the brake pads in the caliper.

These components are safety critical parts when it comes to insuring that your brake caliper, pad & disc combination works properly. The brake pad fitment clips and springs are often damaged when removing pads; lose their tension due to heating and cooling in the brake cycle; have fallen out of the caliper while driving, or have been lost while doing the pad change.

It makes sense for a professional brake centre or fitter to replace the pad hardware while doing the pad change as it will ensure the system is returned to the “Original” condition and, most importantly, it will avoid a costly “comeback” from the customer.

For the driver these pad fitment kits will give you longer mileage on the new brake pads you have purchased and importantly a safe working brake system.

If the brake pad is not tensioned or mounted correctly the following can occur:

In our market Quick Brake pad kits are packed complete per one caliper, so all the components required to mount the brake pads in the caliper.


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