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Quick Drum Shoe Springs

Brake Fitment Accessories


Due to heat, springs lose tension


Before brake shoes & springs are replaced


After brake shoes & springs are replaced

Drum Spring Kits are a very important product for our customers and we have a comprehensive range covering 90% of the models in stock in our warehouse.

Many pick ups or bakkies in our market have drums at the rear and it is vital that the rear drums are well maintained. Especially because these pick ups are the workhorses of our economy, very often overloaded because that the nature of getting an urgent job done.

Brake shoe fitment is time consuming and intricate work and, to make it faster, you should supply your customer Quick Drum Spring Kits when they purchase their shoes. Each kit includes the springs required when doing the shoe replacement and are sold per a side.

The shoe fitment springs loose tension due to the heating and cooling cycle while braking, the springs are often damaged while still driving, damaged when removing them during the shoe change or often lost during the shoe change.

If the shoe fitment springs have lost tension, are damaged, or have been lost, the following can occur:


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