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Brake Hoses & Brake Pipes

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At Brake Hose & Component Supplies (Pty) Ltd. (BHCS) we have been dealing with many of our customers for over 15 years. We strive to support businesses in the automotive aftermarket in growing their sales of brake hoses and brake pipes. The more successful our customers are, the more successful our company is.

Technical support:

BHCS is available to help on any technical enquiry or question you have – we offer:

Product Support:

BHCS has built a very close working relationship with CEF, the manufacturer of  the brake hose and fittings in Italy. We are always extending our range of products to cover new models being introduced to the markets we support.

We have a range of over 300 end-fittings available, and are constantly introducing fittings for new cars that we get enquiries for. We also encourage our customers to send samples and to advise us on what they need.

Marketing Support:

We offer a range of marketing support for our CEF Manufacturing Distributors to advise their customers and the motor trade in their areas that they now assemble “Original Quality” CEF Brake Hoses. These include:

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