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Making Your Own Brake Hoses

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With so many different car brands and models all with different brake & clutch hoses it is difficult to stock a good range of products in today’s automotive aftermarket.

Each brake system has a unique set of brake hoses, which creates a parts nightmare, which is why it makes sense to make each hose to order.

We have designed a system that allows you to assemble a brake hose while your customer is waiting. It is fast and requires very little inventory to meet a 90% demand. Just manufacture the new hose, according to your customer's old sample, using CEF “Original Quality” brake hoses and end-fittings.

Which Brake Hoses can you make?

Our system allows you to manufacture for cars, motorcycles, light duty trucks and ATV’s. The range of end-fittings supplied as part of your opening stock will cover 90% of the enquiries you get from your customers. For the other hoses, where there are no end-fittings available, our system has an option that allows you to re-use the customer's old fittings off the sample hose.

You no longer need to lose sales in your market.

Technical Support:

Our business specialises in brake hoses and, because of this focused approach, we can make your business a specialist in supplying brake hoses to your trading area.

Each system comes with a comprehensive training DVD, operating manual, assembly poster and personalized test certificated.

Our products are carefully catalogued, showing thread sizes, seal faces and each end fitting photographed for easy identification.

We also travel the country extensively doing training and support, and we are easily available on the telephone or by email (details at the top of every page throughout this website). We are passionate about our business and supporting our customers.

Product Support:

We have carefully put together your opening stock package using our experience over the last 17 years of supplying CEF Brake Hoses.

The range covers both metric and imperial applications. Japanese, British, European and American vehicles are covered by our range of end-fittings, allowing you to make a hose like or close to the sample your customer has brought in.

We carry large stocks in our warehouse, so your inventory can be kept to a minimum. We also have fast distribution agreements in place so you will receive your stock orders quickly and efficiently.

Carrying and supplying brake hose stock is our business.

Marketing Support:

We understand that to be successful, our manufacturing distributors need to be making up & selling brake hoses. You start to get known for making up hoses in your area and it consistently grows from there.

We assist you in every possible way - by supplying in-store marketing posters; doing seven Partinform Trade Shows around the country every year; advertising and contributing articles in trade magazines, and training your sales people onsite.

Buying with Confidence:

We are leader in supplying brake and clutch hoses. Our partnership with CEF in Italy runs for over 17 years and we work very closely on design and applications for our market.

We are passionate about safety and supplying quality parts because “it's your customer's brakes”.

The family that owns our company fits our products to all our personal cars with pride. Driver safety, including our own, is always in our minds.

You will manufacture “Original Quality” Brake Hoses – period.

Benefits of Making Up Brake Hoses on Site:

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