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Making CEF Brake Hoses: FAQs

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In a nutshell – how does it work?

You purchase a CEF Brake Hose crimper with an opening stock package. This allows you to assemble brake hoses quickly and easily while your customer waits.

Who is this package aimed at?

This assembly system is for motor trade companies who sell or use more than 15 brake hoses per month.

Do I need experience in making brake hoses?

You do not need to have made hoses in the past in order to learn how to use this assembly system. The CEF crimper package is very user-friendly and comes with a comprehensive training manual and DVD. Technical assistance is also available on the phone if you need it, and representatives from BHCS cover most areas a number of times a year.

How do I know what to stock?

We take the guess work out of the inventory. We supply you with an accurate opening stock package which will allow you to service your customers with 90% of their requirements. Your stock also comes in storage boxes with part numbers so you don’t have any further hassle storing the end-fittings.

How long does it take to assemble a CEF Brake Hose?

Assembling the actual brake hose using the crimper takes 3 minutes. You need to identify the end-fittings but this is also easy with our bin storage system. Total time is 5 to 10 minutes maximum.

Does the hose you manufacture conform to Safety Standards?

Yes, the CEF Brake Hoses that you manufacture meet the SABS Specification SABS3996, which is based on the international specification ISO3996. You will also conform to FMVSS106 (USA) and the hose meets the SAEJ1401 standard.

Who supports the product in Southern Africa?

The owners of Brake Hose & Component Supplies (Pty) Ltd. – BHCS – have been supplying CEF Brake Hoses into the South African market for the last 15 years. The company is focused on brake hoses and support you with a large stock-holding from our warehouse. Technical and sales support is also vital and is high on our list of priorities at BHCS.

Why should you assemble brake hoses on site?

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