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HEL Hi-Performance Brake Hoses

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Brake Hose & Component Supplies (Pty) Ltd. stock a complete range of HEL Performance braided brakes hoses.

HEL Performance is a British-manufactured product at the cutting edge of technology, used by race teams worldwide. All end-fittings are stainless steel "crimp" fittings making them street legal. Our company has in stock for all your requirements for fast road or race cars, motorcycles or ATV’s.

When it comes to the HEL Braided Brake Hose we have 18 colours available in the range. This allows you to customized your ride however you need to. The hose has a “Teflon” inner lining with stainless steel braiding and a protective cover extruded over during the manufacturing process.

All our end-fittings are manufactured in “Stainless Steel”, so there is no quality compromise. Stainless steel fittings won’t rust meaning your brake hoses will perform properly and look good for a long time.

All HEL Braided Brake Hoses manufactured using our brake hose manufacturing system conform to the US DOT Standard FMVSS106. This system is dedicated to manufacturing stainless steel braided brake hoses, if you would like to manufacture OE Quality Rubber Brake Hoses click here.

Your HEL Stainless Steel opening package consists of:

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