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CEF - What is Vapour Lock?

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Customer brake hoses should be checked regularly, also with the current economic environment, many drivers are keeping their cars for a longer period of time, and they will need brake hoses to be replaced.

Due to their location under the vehicle, old or worn brake hoses are more sensitive to water permeation than many other brake components. In other words, old brake hoses can allow unwanted moisture into the brake fluid.

Brake fluids are hygroscopic (i.e. they attract water/moisture by nature). This is a negative because as brake fluid absorbs moisture its boiling point is reduced. As little as 4% water content in the entire volume of your brake fluid can lower the boiling point of the fluid to potentially dangerous levels. It is critical that the brake fluid in the car be able to resist boiling at high operating temperatures. If the boiling point drops too low, there is the risk of boiling the fluid in the calipers (where the fluid runs hottest) under heavy braking conditions (for example when descending down a mountain pass or when towing). When brake fluid boils, it turns from a liquid to a gas. Since the gas is far more compressible than fluid, this results in the brake pedal getting long or going to the floor completely with little or no brake effect. This condition, also known as "vapour lock", is potentially very dangerous.

It is very important to use a quality brake fluid brand name in your brake system and brake fluid should be replaced regularly according the vehicle manufacturers specification.

Both brake hoses and brake fluid are safety critical parts of a car and only Original Quality parts should be used.


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