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Quick Brake - Make Your Own Brake Pipes

Brake Hoses & Brake Pipes

Make your own CEF Brake Hoses:

Make your own Quick Brake Pipes:

HEL Performance:

Applications for Hose & Fittings:

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With our complete Brake Pipe Programme you will be supplying customers in no time. We supply the complete package:

This package allows you to manufacture brake pipes in minutes for your customers, and it will give you a fast return on investment.

The Quick Brake flaring tool is vice-mounted and forms the correct single and double flares, giving a quality seal face finish.

Our range of Quick Brake tube nuts is industry-leading, including imperial and metric tubes nuts, tube nut joiners, adaptors, T pieces, 4 way adaptors, and the catalogue is easy to use.

We also supply two different tube nut opening assortment boxes covering the full range of nuts depending on your customer base. The boxes are pre-labeled with part number, flare type and thread size for easy identification and re-ordering purposes.

Please contact us for a catalogue.

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